About Us

Akee International is one of the leading manufacturers of Cashmere, Silk, Yak and Wool. We specialize in Shawls, Stoles and a variety of Fabrics. Akee International is known for the beauty and quality of their cashmere products. We have spent thirty-five years in the business and take pride in the processing and manufacturing of our Kashmir products. We strive to compete with the ever-changing international trends and tastes of our clients.

Owner: Akib Mir All customers are different and so are their needs. In order to meet such needs the winning philosophy is to become an extended manufacturing arm of the customer himself. This is what we do at Akee International, where almost 90 % manufacturing is based upon individual customer's specification. Akee International pure cashmere shawls manufacturers and suppliers offer Cashmere Shawls, Stoles, Scarfs, Mufflers, Fabric, Fashion Accessories, Kashmiri Shawls, Embroidery, Textile, Handwoven, 100% Cashmere, Pure Cashmere, Pure Wool, Wool, Silk, Angora, Yak and highly hand Hmbroidered ・No minimum order・Premium natural fabrics・Eco-friendly textile printing International shipping.

Our beautiful products are hand-made by Artisans in Kashmir who specialize in weaving and spinning the Pashmina into variety of artifacts. We have a vast knowledge of fabric and a deep love for the craftsmanship. Here we hope you will find that "one of a kind" item you've been looking for.

Pashmina are the fibers that are obtained from certain species of Himalayan goats that reside in Kashmir India. Thanks to the cold temperatures and high altitude of the Himalayas, the quality of wool produced by the goats provides one of the finest and softest textiles in the world. There are several different qualities of Pashmina. The goats that reside in elevations higher than 4,000 m are nurtured to produce the longest and silkiest of hairs. The dryer climate in the mountains enables the goats to produce fibers that exhibit a unique softness, which yields an incomparable quality of cashmere wool. The fibers are then sorted and cleaned by hand and brought from the Himalayans to the Kashmir valley. The beautiful fibers are then hand-spun and hand-woven very gingerly following old ancestral traditions by our accomplished artisans.

Block Printing is a technique using a carved piece of wood to imprint an image on fabric. This method is becoming very popular due to our ability to create intricate designs, which are both rich in texture and color. We are able to create patterns and designs based on our client's requests, as our artisans are able to create any design in the wood. We are able to print on a variety of fabrics and use only vegetable dyes in our products.

We look forward to collaborating with you! For more details please contact 0091-9772777770 or email us   akee.international@gmail.com